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Infection Control for Lodging and Food Service Establishments
by John Dykstra
Infectious disease is an ever present threat to the well being and profitability of food and lodging businesses. This book explains the science of disease, microorganisms and infection, and presents effective sanitation and disinfection procedures to keep diseases at bay. Use this book to train employees and create a cost-effective program of infection control for your housekeeping operation or hospitality facility.

   Product Code: ILF Price: $26.00

Food Service: Health, Sanitation and Safety
Wm R. Griffin and Bruce Jackson
Sanitation and proper cleaning are necessary for the health of customers and ultimately the profitability of all food service operations or hospitality facility kitchens. Food Service presents in detail all aspects of cleaning food service operations, with chapters on bacteria and infection control, equipment and chemicals, cleaning techniques, kitchen equipment, management procedures, and safety guidelines. This book will enable you to effectively meet and exceed all health department requirements. Richly illustrated, this book provides step by step cleaning procedures for all equipment and surfaces found in a modern food preparation facility.

   Product Code: FSB Price: $68.00

Housekeeping Handbook for Institutions, Business and Industry
by Edwin B. Feldman
Valuable for housekeeping managers and supervisors in any type of facility. The author's vast experience ranges from industrial and chemical engineering to managing the maintenance of several facilities. This is truly one of the finest books available on professional cleaning management.

   Product Code: HH Price: $59.00

Managing Housekeeping and Custodial Operations
by Edwin B. Feldman
Mr Feldman puts 30 years of experience in custodial and maintenance management at your fingertips. This practical problem solving resource helps you create an efficient and cost-effective custodial program in facilities as diverse as hospitals, schools, factories, and office buildings. Included are hundreds of proven procedures, shortcuts, checklists, ready to use forms, model reports, and other tools that save you time, effort, and money.

   Product Code: MHO Price: $80.00

Protecting the Built Environment: Cleaning For Health
by Michael A. Berry, Ph.D.
This well-researched book deals with the cleaning issues of the future and is a valuable resource for all custodians, contract cleaners, housekeeping managers, and restoration specialists who are concerned with and in a position to affect the health and safety of indoor environments.

   Product Code: PBE Price: $68.00

310 Cleaning Times for Common Tasks
by the ISSA
Enables cleaning professionals to better determine the time it takes to perform various cleaning operations. By collecting data for years from its member firms, the ISSA is able to provide a set of average cleaning times for most tasks. Examines areas such as classrooms, offices, rest rooms, halls, and patient rooms. Covers all common cleaning procedures and equipment; updated to include new technologies. This is the book used as the basis for most computer software programs and bidding guides for the cleaning industry.

   Product code: CT Price: $20.00


($10.00 each)

Professional Cleaning Report #56 Cleaning Food Service Areas

A detailed and informative, illustrated examination of health and sanitation needs, supplies and equipment, and areas to be cleaned, with step-by-step procedures and scheduling suggestions. Also examines management of the cleaning function.


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