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Floor Care in High Traffic Areas

High traffic areas add extra challenges to the cleaning process in any type or size building. Every facility has some areas that need special attention. In your building it could include one or more of the following area; stairways, lobbies, throughways, entrance and exists and primary and secondary hallways, restrooms, cafeterias, elevators and excessively busy and soiled work and manufacturing areas. Sounds like the entire building and some cases it is. These areas are where high levels of soil are tracked into a building and if not removed result in soiling and aggressive wear of surfaces and finishes.

What Works in High Traffic Areas:
When planning tasks and scheduling service in high traffic areas, here are a few tips to help you get the job done quickly and safely:

Capture soil at entrances and exits with 12- 15 ft. of matting, regular vacuuming and frequent dust and damp mopping of hard surface floor with in 25 ft. of entrances and exits. Protect hard floors with additional matting during inclement weather. (more…)


Contract Clauses and Terms You Should Know About

Contract terms, clauses and specifications are a concern as they are legal documents that bind and outline the terms of agreement and service, between a customer and service provider. From the contractors prospective, it is best to write and provide the service agreement and specifications to prospective customers. The contract, agreement and specifications should be proportionate in length and complexity to the account being bid on. (more…)