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Housekeeping and IAQ

The use of effective cleaning procedures has a positive impact on improving the indoor air quality in a facility or area. Unfortunately, most cleaning procedures, equipment, and chemicals in use today actually have a negative impact on the indoor environment.

The goal of cleaning is to create and maintain an aesthetically pleasing, cost effective, clean, safe, healthy and comfortable environment for living, working, playing and travel. To accomplish this goal, we must consider, control and monitor as many of the possible variables that impact indoor environmental quality. This is no easy task. There are many factors and variables involved, including such things as lighting, humidity, noise, temperature and ergonomics. (more…)

Floor Care Basics

Successful floor care is based on a comprehensive program that includes prevention and ongoing maintenance procedures performed on a frequency that meets the specific needs of each area of the building. (more…)

The Carpet Care-IAQ Link

The link between carpet care and indoor air quality (IAQ) has received considerable attention among facilities professionals.

IAQ is no simple matter. Everything in the building – including occupants – affects IAQ in some way. The components of a facility’s indoor air that are most often affected by housekeeping procedures and materials are particulates, volatile organic compounds, and individual sensitivity.
Science and proven facts are quickly replacing out-of-date cleaning procedures and “seat of the pants” management techniques. The costs, liabilities and risks are simply too high to keep cleaning the way we’ve done it in the past. The times are changing and how we go about our cleaning duties has a major impact on IAQ and the health of building occupants. (more…)