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How to Price a Deep Cleaning Job

Deep cleaning can be defined as a special one-time project or a periodic task that occurs on a set schedule or as needed basis. In educational facilities, floor and carpet care, along with wall and furniture cleaning are often referred to a deep cleaning and may be scheduled once or twice a year and often during the summer months or over holidays. In an office building, deep cleaning may refer to tasks that are done every 6 mos. or possibly annual or even less frequently or a special project like upholstery cleaning or complete cleaning of desks or wall washing. In manufacturing or industrial environments, we could be cleaning in or around equipment, the equipment itself or ceiling structures or a dust collection system. In high tech, it could be a complete clean of everything in a lab or production area before it opens or during a maintenance shut down, remodel or upgrade.

Keys to Deep Cleaning Success

  1. Planning

Put you plans in writing, review what needs to be done, who’s going to do it and will supervise each task or groups of tasks. Next determine what supplies, labor and equipment will be needed. Make lists, review procedures and diagrams and have a backup plan in case things don’t go as expected. No body likes delays so plan ahead so projects don’t take longer than expected. Allow as little slop time in the process, so when thing do go wrong or take longer than expected, you are the only one who knows it. (more…)