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Cleaning Schools, Colleges and Universities

Educational facilities are a good and growing market that contractors are targeting and penetrating. This includes day and or evening cleaning in public and private schools of all types and sizes. Each segment of the market has demands that make it unique; colleges, universities, K-12, child development centers, and day care facilities are all slightly different in their approach, needs and expectations. As a service contractor it is your job to identify and meet these needs, even if they change minute to minute. Flexibility is requires on everyone’s part to get the job done and keep the customer happy. In this market everyone is your customer, from students and teachers to parents, administrators, government agencies, and the public.

Educational facilities have special needs and are different than cleaning an office building, factory or hospital. Anytime you have children, parents and the government involved, the work is more complicated and emotionally charged. Expertise, cost savings, staffing and a shifting of liability to a 3rd party vendor behind the growth in this market.

Not every contractor or employee is suited for this market; security, background checks, health and safety, image, appearance, professionalism and team work all play a role in meeting the changing expectations and demands of educational customers.

Area types range from normal office and conference rooms, restrooms, classrooms, shops, labs, kitchens and cafeterias, gyms and locker rooms. In the High Education world, you can find cleanrooms, research labs, lecture halls, animal cages, medical exam rooms, student housing, athletic facilities, stadiums, swimming pools, rock walls and the list goes on. (more…)

Comprehensive Restroom Cleaning

When you got a go, the question becomes where do you go and today, consumers are voting with their feet. In the recent “Value of Clean” study by the ISSA, researchers cited multiple studies indicating that up to 79% of the public are turned off by and will avoid or not return to a business with poorly maintained restrooms. Building owners and managers are beginning to realize that it’s good business to maintain restrooms in top condition.

The image of an organization, its future, and the morale of building occupants often centers on the cleanliness of the restrooms. Just think about the last time you were seated in a toilet stall, considering your options, after realizing that there was no toilet paper. Not a pleasant thought.

Bidding & Estimating the Cleaning of Restrooms

Restrooms are an important and sensitive area in any building and must be maintained at high levels of cleanliness, sanitation and safety at all times to avoid complaints, liability and a negative impression on employees, customers and the public.

This emphasis on cleanliness can be used as a valid marketing tools when preparing and submitting proposals for services in all types and sizes of building.

Restrooms are unique in that they are often designed for cleaning, with water and stain resistant surfaces that include vitreous china, chrome, stainless steel, ceramic tile, glass and other relatively easy to clean materials. Water connections, floor drains, ventilation and good lighting can also be part of the design that will facilitate and speed up the cleaning process.

Restroom Cleaning in the Lodging Industry

Restroom cleaning in a lodging facility can establish total credibility or deter a customer from ever coming back. Keep in mind that in the lodging industry, as far as can be determined by a number of various market studies, the only cleaning standards that exist are for the housekeeper to clean a specific number of rooms in a specific period of time and pass an inspection for appearance before the room is resold.

The good news is that certain hotels are looking at outside contractors to help establish better cleaning routines for the common areas, hallways, banquet rooms, convention halls, etc. These areas have large carpeted or hard surfaces that require special cleaning and maintenance products and procedures to protect and increase the life expectancy of the materials specified. (more…)

Washroom Maintenance

Washroom maintenance is an important part of a building or facility’s overall cleaning program. Washroom conditions have a direct and immediate impact on a company’s image with employees, customers, and the public. Few will generate complaints faster than a washroom that is poorly maintained or out of supplies. An appropriate service schedule may include hourly spot cleaning.