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The best defense against lost sales, customer endangerment, and costly litigation is an early application of an ice melter followed by a shoveling. The financial liability is too high to let snow and ice build up on surfaces. When things get slick, people slip and fall. Some will get hurt and some may try to sue. Others will simply avoid parking lots and entries where they see ice–and that means they will take their business elsewhere.

The key to effective use of snow and ice melters lies in knowing the capabilities of each type of product and where it can be used best. Educate yourself regarding specific uses for ice melters, how deicers work, what they’re made of and where the different types of deicers should and shouldn’t be used. (more…)

Expanding Into High Pressure Washing

Opportunities to sell high pressure washing services exist on every block in America and in most foreign countries. In the United States alone there are upward of 11 million businesses and over 100 million private homes that are potential customers for your services.

The portable high pressure washer has brought a new era to the cleaning industry. This technology allows for more thorough and less expensive cleaning of a wider variety of surfaces than ever before. New markets and profit opportunities are being developed daily by ambitious cleaning professionals everywhere. (more…)