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Putting a Shine and Profit on a Dull Concrete Floor
By: Wm R. GriffinOriginally Published
in Clean Fax August 2014
When looking at a concrete floor most people see a dull gray slab. Not me, I see profit and opportunity. Concrete is one of fastest growing segments of the flooring industry and is finding wide use in all types of residential and commercial facilities around the world. This is a trend that will continue to grow in the future as carpet and other flooring materials lose market share. In an effort to reduce maintenance and labor costs, existing floor coverings are being removed to expose concrete that can brighten a room when cleaned and polished.

Need for Maintenance Grows
Over the last ten years, millions of square feet of concrete has been polished to a shine with little emphasis or information provided regarding how to properly maintain this new category of flooring. The low maintenance needs of concrete flooring have been oversold by polishing contractors who lead building owners and managers to believe that no maintenance is needed. Due to a lack of routine and periodic maintenance many of the floors that have been polished over the years...Read full article



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