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Junk Science and Green Cleaning

Mike Berry Takes a Swing at Junk Science and Green Cleaning
Michael A. Berry Ph.D, Retired EPA Research Scientist and Author of Protecting the Built Environment: Cleaning for Health was recently interviewed as part of the Bridgepoint Interlink Teleconference Series 2007. I listened in and here are the highlights of what Dr.Berry had to say.

“My pet project today is confronting junk science regarding environmental issues. There is too much Eco babble and hype floating around in the cleaning industry that has no scientific basis. This type of misrepresentation of the facts is giving the cleaning industry a bad name.

“There is no data that proves that green cleaning works any better than other ways to clean. Green cleaning needs to be tested and verified before it is promoted as science. At this time more research is needed.

“It is irresponsible for companies and individuals to promote green cleaning, green chemicals and green processes as being effective or better than existing products or processes without scientific research, testing and validation.

“There is too much hype about switching to green cleaning. Chemicals aid in the cleaning process by helping to separate the soil from surfaces and materials so it can more easily be removed and disposed. Chemicals do not clean by themselves.

“Mismanagement of any chemical is bad. Misuse and improper use of cleaning chemicals is a big issue.

“For scientific research to be valid, it needs to be certified with scientific methods, followed by peer review. When it comes to green cleaning, what we are seeing passed off as science is actually consensus. A group of people get together and agree on their personal opinions about the subject. This is not science – it could just as well be babble.

”What we are seeing is certification in the absence of science. Full disclosure is needed. Cold water cleaning is insane and moronic. Science gives you the knowledge to do the work.

“Although I am troubled by all the misinformation and hype about benefits of green cleaning without scientific support, I am encouraged to see professionalism grow and take hold in the cleaning industry.

Cleaning is of value in society for these reasons:

  1. It allows for increased productivity
  2. It reduces risk and costs
  3. It protects surfaces, areas and people
  4. It projects a positive image
  5. It improves health
  6. It promotes ownership and human dignity

“The definition of clean is the same today as it has been in the past; condition and surfaces that are free of unwanted matter that gets in the way of human activity.”

If you\’d like a copy of Mike Berry’s interview contact:

IAQ Radio
Now here’s something you want to check out. This is where technology and the cleaning industry come together. Personally I’m excited about the concept and think this is the start of something big. Give it a listen and I think you’ll see what I mean.
Go to: scroll down on the right side and click on IAQ Radio with Cliff Zlotnik.
I see a lot of potential in the concept. It’s a live call in show and pod cast and more all built into one.

BSCAI 2007 Convention and Trade Show
The last time I wrote about the Building Service Contractor Association, myself and the publisher got threatening letters from the association’s lawyers threatening legal action if we didn’t retract what I said. Well it turns out what I said was right on the money.

So now I’m ready to try it again. It’s my opinion and prediction that this years BSCAI Convention and Trade Show in Chicago will be the worst attended BSCAI Show in the history of the association and it will be the last BSCAI show as we know it. If you’d like more info visit:

Green Seal Goes after the Green
Green Seal recently released its GS-42 Standard for Green Cleaning Services. Great document, it tells you what you need to do to have Green Seal certify your firm as an official Green Seal Certified Green Cleaning Contractor. What they don’t tell you, except in the fine print is that the fee to get certified is between $6500.00 and $10.000.
If you want to get in line to pass your green to this greedy group, visit: