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Getting Organized for Success in 2016

This month I’ve got several topics I want to touch on. To start with, it’s that time of year again, when one should take a few minutes to examine the accomplishments and failures of the year gone by and to set new goals and expectations for the year ahead. I always find this to be a useful exercise that helps me stay focused on where I should spend my time and effort. I find this t helps me get things done instead of just thinking and talking about them. I don’t always do that good a job of it, at the same time, I do find that putting my personal and business goal in writing and then reviewing your progress on monthly basis, will help you achieve more of the success you desire in 2016. I hope you’ll do the same and find the process an effective way to better use your time, to get more done.

Forecasts 2016


Right now the economy is chugging along pretty good in most areas, although there are local and regional pockets of exceptional growth and depressed markets. One should be able to expect modest growth in the first half of the year, the second half is sketchy due to fluctuation energy prices, higher labor costs along with increasing completion and the upcoming, election. Other threats to a stable economy include international financial problems, terrorism and increasing and out of control government spending.

Technology Marches Forward
Advances in the cleaning industry are slow, but steady and this will continue to be the case for the next 5 – 10 years. After that I would expect robotics to begin to play a major role in the cleaning industry. This will be driven by advances in technology, increasing labor costs and a growing shortage of qualified staff to do the work. If you want to see the current state of humanist robotic technology, Search “DARPA Robotic Challenge 2015”.

I find it interesting to note that Diversey/Taki purchased “Intellibot” this year. The companies deep pockets, need to diversity out of chemicals and access to distribution and repair channels should solve many of the problems that “Intellibot” faced in bringing robotics to the cleaning industry.

Competition Continues to Grow
I don’t see any way around it. Contractor and their customers will continue to push up production rates, as costs continue to increase. The result will be more competitive bids and a broadening of the services offered, especially to larger clients with multiple locations. Large companies will continue to demand and receive better service for a lower price. You will see more emphasis placed on green and sustainable cleaning practices and products in healthcare, education and government markets. You will also see competition from international cleaning companies wanting to expand operations in the USA and other economically stable countries.

ISSA Show 2016 – 2017
If you didn’t attend the ISSA Show in Las Vegas a few months ago, you missed many opportunities to network and see cutting edge technology that is coming into the market place. Having access to difficult to find information and high performance equipment and the latest innovation in chemical technology is what allows you to market yourself and your services in today’s changing and competitive marketplace. Regardless of the size of your business or where you are located, it is critical to your future, to stay abreast of evolving technology and what your completion is doing to sharpening its bidding pencil.

Start planning today to attend the ISSA Show in Chicago, IL. October 25-28, 2016, for more information visit: Another really good show, especially for those involved in the carpet cleaning and restoration side of the Industry is the “The Experience Convention and Trade Show” in Las Vegas, September 7, 8 & 9, for more information visit: