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Pulire 2011 The New and the Old of Cleaning

New Auto-Scrubber Loaded with Features
Realizing that there was an auto-scrubber on every corner at this show, I was impressed with the innovations incorporated into the Diversey Taski Swingo scrubber. The machine sports a W shaped squeegee with dual suction hoses for better tracking and water pick up. Electronics in the unit sense turns and direction changes and automatically adjusts travel speed. Another impressive feature is an energy conservation program that allows the operator to get up 6 hours of use from each recharge session.

Innovation Awards
An important part of each Pulire show is the innovation awards. To me it’s a complicated process in that a group of magazine publishers make nominations based on submissions and I’m not sure what else. Then the attendees vote for their choices on the show floor. Somehow this all comes together with one product in each category being chosen as a nomination award winner and finally one product is selected as the grand winner, but there could as happened this year be, an honorable mention thrown in for good luck.

Here’s my understanding of how it boiled down, with the categories being: Tools, Machines and Chemicals.

The nominations included Unger for its Ninja Squeegee, Diversey for a chemical dispenser, Klindex for a stone polishing machine, Genesis Biosciences for its vapor emitting ecard, and an honorable mention for a small riding Macro scrubber. There were others, but by this point my understanding of or desire to know more via the Italian language was running short. When it was all over the Grand Prize winner was IPC Eagle HydroTube (Greentube) Pure Water Cleaning System. An American Product from MN. Go Twins. Go USA.

Non Rusting Stainless Steel Wool Floor Pads
One of the problems with using crystallizer for polishing marble is that the steel wool pads are only good for one use as once they get wet, they begin to rust and unless you are working on red or brown stone, you can’t reuse the pad.

FACCO an Italian company has solved the problem with its stainless steel pad that doesn’t rust if it gets wet. The company produces a complete line of diamond impregnated and natural fiber pads.

History of Cleaning on Display
One of my favorite exhibits at the show was not the new, but the old equipment found in the Museum of Cleaning Booth. It was fascinating to see a hand pump vacuum cleaner, a Cimex floor machine for the 1930’s, a handle held brush device that was used for polishing and scrubbing before the floor machine was invented. It was obvious that back in the day, cleaning was far more work than it is today.

Living History, Lloyd’s Duct Cleaning Systems
You never know what or who you’ll stumble across as you travel to seminars and trade shows around the world. As I trying to get a badge on the first day, the guy in line next to me asked where I was from which lead to a conversation about his business of manufacturing duct cleaning robots. It didn’t take me long to realize that I actually knew his dad 30 years ago in the early 1970’s. And this is where the history comes in; his dad is Lloyd Weaver, now 78, who invented what at the time was known as Lloyd’s Porta Dryer which was manufactured from sheet metal in Rapid City SD. Today, plastic copies of the same basic squirrel cage fans are known worldwide as air movers. Back in the day, Lloyd would travel the country conducting class on carpet drying. Lloyd was one of the, if not the original pioneer of what, with the help of Claude Blackburn (Dri Eaz Founder) over the years became the professional water restoration industry.

Lance Weaver, who was 10 at the time, went on to get Mechanical Engineering degree and came back to work in fathers business and started Lloyd’s Systems in 2007 which specializes in manufacturing air duct inspecting, cleaning, and sealing. Now you might ask what are two guys from SD doing in Verona, Italy. Well actually, 3 guys, being I’m from SD as well.

Fast forward 30 years and Lance his partner Bernt Aslkildsen have their joy stick driven, camera viewing duct cleaning robots in use in over 48 countries. Lance went on to explain, that the real growth for his company is in sealing fiberglass lined and sheet metal ducts to reduce airborne contamination and energy loss. Say Hi to your dad for me Lance.

The world of cleaning continues to grow on a daily basis. As stopped by the ISSA/INTERCLEAN booth to say one last hello, a fellow stepped up and asked, how you’d like to come to South Africa? Well, I don’t know, I’ve talked about it before, but never gotten there. Clive Damonze, Chairman of the National Contract Cleaners Association (Cape Town, South Africa) went on to explain that he is involved with Cleantex 2011, South Africa’s Cleaning Show which is being held on July 17 – 19, 2011 in Johannesburg. I won’t be able to make it this year, but who know, maybe next year I’ll finally get to the Cleantex show.

That’s it from Pulire
Sorry you couldn’t join me, maybe next time. I did see a number of old friends here that I’ve met on previous trips to the Pulire Show. It’s been a good show, the aisles and booths were full all three days with visitors and buyers. Every time I ventured on to the show floor I found new and interesting products to collect information on and share with you.

I’m headed to visit a marble mine Carrara Italy, hopefully when I return I’ll have some photos and videos to post. Keep it clean, it’s been fun sharing the Pulire Show with you. Thanks to Toni D’Andrea, Project Manager for Afidamp Servizi the show sponsor for the press pass, thanks to Aaron and Matt, for encouraging me to stay in touch and thank you for following along on what I hope has been an educational journey for you.